Resources and Other Helpful Links

Instructional Continuity:

    Refer to Email sent to families on 3/13/20: Student & Parent Resources for INsturciton Continuity

Note:  For the school year 2017-18, we will be using  a Singapore-based approach to math along with McGraw-Hill's  My Math program  (Directions for setting up a student account are on page 4) (User name:  twenty-niners     Password:  math29 )  Math facts (myState=California&mySubject=math  (good site for extra math practice)   (math enrichment site)
Language Arts  (awesome site for beginning readers) (1st grade language arts skills for students to get practice)  (student registration needed to access this site) game.  Vocabulary - Select Book 1 for lessons & games     This site has some nice spelling worksheets, puzzles, games, and  helpful suggestions to bolster spelling          This site helps correctly syllabicate words



Science      (log in: Mrs.Kukawka  Password: KukawkaRoom 13 )  Click on the Media Library's e-book, then click atop the picture of the book .  There will be an audio icon that your child can click on, so that he/she can listen to the text & read-along . These books contain much of the science content that will be covered in our curriculum this year.
Social Studies  Relief map of North America, click on countries, see borders  

GENERAL EDUCATIONAL SITE :    (For 2017-18 year:  User name: Carpentercharter   PIN: sciencerocks )


NOTE:    If any of the above websites are non-functional, please let me know!